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Grand Theft Auto V – 1 Billion Success Story | Swcic

Grand Theft Auto V commonly referred to as GTA 5 is an action and adventure game that is a part of the GTA series that is being developed by Rockstar Games since 1997 for multiple platforms. The game is currently available at multiple gaming consoles including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

GTA 5 is the eighth version of the game that was launched in September 2013 and has been a huge success. The game was very extensively marketed by Rockstar games at the time of its launch and resultantly it became the fastest-selling entertainment product in all of human history earning USD 800 million in the first day and USD 1 billion in the first three days of its launch.


GTA 5 features rich graphic content and nice attention to detail. The game’s graphics stand out when played at gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.


Players have the option to choose between the Story Mode and Online Mode.

Story Mode:

The Story Mode features three characters and their lives and all three can be chosen by the players. Even during the gameplay, players have the option of switching between the characters. Each character has his own story going on and players can make changes like purchases for the character and save them as per their likings.

Game Features:

The game features a wide variety of vehicles including SUVs, motorbikes, trucks and sports cars. Players can even purchase unique stuff including helicopters, tanks, and aircraft. The game also allows players to invest by purchasing real estate and business’ such as casinos and food outlets and entertainment venues in the huge city map.

Online Mode:

The Online Mode is particularly interesting as GTA 5 has a huge fan base and a great online presence that is well demonstrated by a large number of online players present at all times. The players start at level 1 and as they gain RP or Reputation Points, the levels proceed and newer and better game options like the casino start becoming available. Players can choose between various maps and missions in the Online mode.


Next, we have the game controls which play a vital role in a game’s success. They have the potential to make or mar an experience as by simplifying the controls too much, developers risk losing the sense of challenge offered to players and by making the game too difficult there is always a risk of losing players looking for a relaxing experience during their leisure time.

GTA 5 provides a perfect balance between the two and even allows players to choose between the difficulty level as well. The game also offers auto-target options for new players although I suggest turning it off to increase the fun.

On the consoles, GTA 5 can be played using the console’s controllers and due to the wide variety of options and actions that the characters can perform, all keys of the controllers are made full use of.

Final Verdict:

GTA 5 resembles the real life of people in Los Angeles and features multiple locations of the city in the game. The overall experience is amazing and has the capability of blowing your mind. I reckon it is one of the best games that can captivate players looking for an entertaining gaming experience.